The roads that connect us are under increasing stress. More traffic. More severe weather events. More frequent freeze/thaw cycles. Meanwhile, city maintenance budgets are tightening. Often repairs are deferred until they can no longer be ignored. And at that point, it is often too late for a seamless fix or a way around traffic delays.

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In fact, Canada’s 2012 Infrastructure Report Card found that over half of our municipal roads are in need of urgent attention with an overall grade of ‘Fair’ and states this important area “shows general signs of deterioration and requires attention, with some elements exhibiting significant deficiencies.”

One in four Canadian roads is operating above capacity.

When new roads are built, or existing ones repaired or expanded, aggregate, cement and concrete are increasingly integral to the durability and longevity of the work done. Tougher structural elements to stand up to freeze/thaw. Stronger curbs and barriers to protect vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. Pervious pavements to help improve drainage during big storms and big spring melt-offs.

Increasingly, cities are turning to mass transit infrastructure improvements and expansion to help ease the growing gridlock on our city streets. Concrete is a key ingredient to streetcar tracks, light rapid transit (LRT) infrastructure and subways systems.

Our experts are working with municipalities, regional councils, transit authorities and consulting engineers to find more ways to help our roads stand up to the demands of today and tomorrow. Ask us about design spec assistance, preliminary designs, cost comparison analysis and material selection advice.

Because better roads connect better communities.