We encapsulate contaminants in cement. They are entombed for life, right on the site. Contaminated soil is dug up and mixed with cement, cementitious materials, admixtures and water. It actually becomes part of the cemented fill instead of using sand and aggregate. Dump the mix back in the excavated hole.

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Once it’s set, it is both solidified (a change in physical property) and stabilized (a change in chemical property). Clean, safe and structurally sound. No risky and expensive shipping of contaminants to a different site. The problem is solved, right there and right then. On-site. And that also makes it the most cost-effective solution for soil remediation during mine closure.

Shafts may have to be sealed for safety. Voids may need to be filled as well. Our self-consolidating concrete (SSC) fills all voids and cracks for a complete seal. And because it’s self-consolidating, there’s no need for vibration, making it a safer, faster and reduced-labour solution.

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Because safe mine closures build better communities.