Happy, healthy, safe and educated societies are founded on high-quality community institutions. Hospitals, schools, government facilities, police stations, fire halls, transit stations, recreational facilities and libraries all contribute to the well-being of our friends, neighbours and families.

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These structures are owned by the communities they serve. They are paid for with tax dollars.

And that means that every aspect of their design, construction, operation and maintenance should be examined to find the highest-possible performance with the lowest lifecycle cost. Bar none.

Our experts understand the exceptional demands placed on institutional buildings. Tighter operating budgets mean the need for increased energy efficiency and decreased maintenance costs. More and more emphasis is being placed on disaster resiliency and physical security. Rapidly increasing populations mean the need for rapid constructability of new institutional assets. Environmental mandates require attention to carbon footprints. Innovative and complex project financing is pushing the private sector to engage with institutions as long term stakeholders in new buildings. And as major community investments, these facilities have to last long enough to service many generations.

Institutional buildings are at the forefront of sustainable construction. Governments and organizations are turning to LEED ® to decrease the environmental impact of their buildings and increase the well-being of their community.

We offer design spec guidance, a suite of materials and Efficient Building Systems solutions and a deep understanding of the unique construction and operations requirements of institutional facilities. And with coast-to-coast locations, we’re able to bring these benefits to even the most remote areas of Canada.

Our pavement solutions also supply concrete and aggregates for hardscaping, parking areas and access roads. We even have pervious pavement technologies for stormwater management.

Because better institutional facilities build better communities.