Manufacturing is still the economic life blood of many cities, towns and regions. Canadians make some great stuff. And we take great pride in our manufacturing and processing facilities.

Those facilities rely heavily on concrete construction. And why not? These are tough environments. Concrete is the smart choice.

Bumps, bangs, slams, scrapes and all the traffic that goes with heavy equipment moving across the shop floor? Concrete construction can handle that. Spills of chemicals, solvents, powders, adhesives and paints? Concrete construction can handle the heavy duty floor wearing.

How about the structural strength, physical security and life safety requirements that are unique to industrial facilities? Concrete construction outperforms in this area too. And it can also help reduce operating costs and carbon footprint through energy efficiency.

The trick is choosing the right formulation for your facility. And then matching it with the complimentary Efficient Building System. Luckily, we’re as knowledgeable about manufacturing as anyone else because we are manufacturers ourselves.

Our experts work with you to determine your needs, then provide design spec assistance to help you ensure you’re using the best systems and solutions, whether you’re working on a shiny new assembly line, a warehouse expansion or the modernization of an old factory. We consider the slowdown of production lines and the costs associated with delays. We can even help you clean up contaminated sites.

Our pavement solutions also supply concrete and aggregates for hardscaping, parking areas and access roads. We even have pervious pavement technologies for stormwater management.

Because better industry builds better communities.