Isn’t it time we reuse that tainted soil? Contaminated brownfield sites and the soils found within them should not be doomed to a future of fenced-off areas and ‘hazardous’ sign postings. Every day we wait, the contaminants risk crossing property lines and leeching in to our groundwater.

Rejuvenation of these sites is not just about good economics, from property values to site reuse opportunities, but more importantly, enhanced protection of our environment.

Brownfield remediation is an important contributor to sustainability, and to the health and welfare of our communities. Reclaiming contaminated land allows community living without the unresolved issue of contaminants such as heavy metals, PAHs and PCBs.

It also restores value to once-unusable land. Land that no one wanted. It can help turn the page from a liability to an asset.

At Lafarge, we’re experienced in time-tested and proven techniques for soil solidification/stabilization land remediation. Each site is unique, and so are the solutions.

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