Bridge superstructure is constantly exposed to volume. Vehicular traffic. Pedestrian traffic. Weather. Snow loads. It has to withstand it all, along with chemicals, impact, corrosion, vandalism and even seismic events. That’s why concrete is the material of choice.

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The toughest building material on earth does sterling service for girders and structural members, decks, parapets and barriers.

Our ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) joint fill is an excellent field-cast solution for the highly durable connection of precast concrete deck panels and other precast elements. Fabrication and installation processes are simplified, full deck continuity is achieved and the bridge deck joint is no longer the weakest link – frequently a problem with conventional methods. UHPC also provides excellent solutions for Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) projects where structures must be built or rehabilitated quickly (to minimize traffic interruptions and road closures), safely and cost-effectively.

Each bridge is different. That’s why context-specific design is so important. So is the selection of the right concrete formulation. The right material for a parapet on a two-lane bridge in Saint John is not the same material as the one needed for an I-girder on an eight-lane highway bridge in Toronto.

Luckily, we know bridges, and we know Canada. We can help you find the right concrete for your location, climatic conditions, structural needs and accelerated construction requirements. We work with consulting engineers and Ministries of Transportation to provide design spec assistance and materials selection guidance.

Because stronger bridges build better connections.

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