Nowhere is strength and durability more important than in a bridge’s substructure. Abutments, piers, footings and pilings are what hold the bridge up and provide the structural strength to elevate the spanning elements of the superstructure.

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But you can’t use just any concrete and expect your bridge to stand safely for decades, despite severe weather, freeze/thaw cycles, continuous heavy loads, corrosion, impact, vandalism and even seismic events. You need the right concrete that is best-suited for each structure’s intended use, location, traffic capacity and design.

Our ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) products can be used to produce a wide range of bridge solutions for structures that will endure the test of time, even in the most challenging conditions. The material’s unique combination of superior properties including strength, durability, ductility and aesthetics facilitates the ability to design innovative, sustainable bridges with new shapes and longer spans that are thinner, lighter, more durable and easier to construct.

Our UHPC is so strong and durable that passive, prestressed and post-tensioned reinforcement may be eliminated. Bridge elements made with UHPC offer superior resistance to abrasion, impact, chemicals, freeze-thaw, carbonation and chloride ion penetration.

We work with consulting engineers and Ministries of Transportation to assist with selection of the right material formulations and provide design spec guidance in order to meet your structural durability goals and context-specific, accelerated construction needs.

Because stronger bridges build better connections.

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