Maple Leaf Square

  • Project Facts

    PCL Construction


    Downtown Toronto, Ontario


    Agilia Screed A™


    July 2010 Maple Leaf Square




    300 m3


Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Maple Leaf Square combines work and pleasure in this multifunctional building. The 207,000 square foot modern office space is accompanied by a condo complex, a boutique hotel, a ne-dining restaurant, sports bar and three levels of retail. All within the vicinity of Union Station, the square neighbours the Air Canada Centre.

Anchored by a 9 story podium to which various business tenants now occupy, the offices’ existing concrete floors were severely uneven and unlevel, requiring a surface leveling product before the floors would be received. The traditional grinding and site-mixed leveling compounds would have caused undue for both the contractor: PCL, and for the tenants. Both were looking for a quick and afordable solution to level all the floors. SCREED A The space itself has been undergoing these renovations for quite some time, but with a building completion date nally set, the interior nishes can be made, including the floor coverings. Anchored by a 9 story podium to which The Agilia™ Screed A is a highly uid oor topping that does not require joints or any reinforcement, despite it being placed very thinly. The Screed achieved a high quality surface finish that met the leveling requirements to a specied flatness and was ready to accept the floor coverings soon after.

Ease of Placement

Pumps were set up outside, where each truck would unload Agilia Screed A and pump directly into the building and onto each floor. Only a small crew of 3 people were needed to place the topping with very minimal labour. The product was simply pumpled, leveled with the laser screed and barred for the final finish

Speed of Placement

Since the contractor needed a fast return time to the tenants, the placement of the floor needed to be completed within a small time span. With Agilia Screed A, each of the building;s nine floors could be completed in a day. This amounted to nearly 10, 000 square feet of floor per day!


The highly uid properties of Agilia Screed A eliminates the need for vibration despite the thin application of as little as 3/4 of an inch. The product does not require joints or any reinforcement and is virtually self-leveling.