Daniels Spectrum Floor

  • Project Facts
  • Location

    Daniels Spectrum, Toronto, Ontario

  • Institutional

  • Construction time:

    Summer 2013

  • Concrete Supplied:

    AgiliaTM Screed A

  • Volume of Concrete:

    25 m3

  • Construction Team:

    Innocon (Product Supplier), Ground Floor Industries (Contractor), Daniels CM Corporation (Developer/ Builder)

  • Key Benefits of Agilia Screed A :

    No Shrinkage, Does not curl, Ease of placement, Self-Leveling, Increased Productivity, Reduced Labor, Highly Flexible level floors, Sound proofing

The development of a new arts and culture centre was a longstanding ambition for Toronto’s Downtown East neighborhood, and a key element in the social and community development goals of the Regent Park revitalization. By integrating and celebrating the cultural richness of the Regent Park community, the centre plays an important role in socially inclusive, livable, healthy, safe and vibrant neighborhood. Daniels Spectrum is a platform for cultural exchange and collaboration. It is a place where people come to be inspired, to learn, to share, to create. It showcases artistic talent, acts as an incubator for creativity and a workshop for social and cultural innovation.

The centre has a focus on visual and performing arts. Many of the studio spaces are dedicated to cultural dance, music and performance. It was important that each of these studio spaces be isolated for sound. To accomplish this, acoustic dampening was affixed to all of the walls and ceilings and the floor of the studio was isolated by installing a floating concrete floor system with a floating studio floor system on top.

Agilia Screed A was suggested as a floor topping due to its high acoustic proofing. There were also strict specifications for flatness and levelness of the concrete slab prior to the installation of the dance studio hardwood floor. Due to the self leveling property of Agilia Screed A, Innocon product experts suggested that the use of AgiliaTM Screed A would be a quick and efficient solution. Being one of the only products in this category that arrives in a ready-mix truck and in consistent batches, Agilia Screed A has an edge on all other leveling products.

The floor was prepped for a bonded application and approximately twenty-five meters of Agilia Screed A was poured in four different studios over two pour days. In addition to being an efficient leveling solution, Agilia Screed A contributes to the safety of the people of the centre as it is a non combustible product. The space is now open and fostering performances, celebrations, and public and community events.