Largest manufacturing plant for the baking industry in Canada

  • Project Facts:

    Canada Bread Manufacturing Facility, Red Hill Business Park, Hamilton, Ontario

  • TYPE:

    Commercial Manufacturing plant and offices


    Feb 2010 - July 2011


    385, 000 sq ft.




    6855 m3 total


    Canada Bread (Owner), First Gulf Development Corp (General Contractor), Allen & Sherriff Architects (Architect), Dorlan Engineering (Engineer)

This summer, Canada Bread opened the largest manufacturing plant of its kind in Canada, housing 35, 000 square feet of offices and a massive 385, 000 square feet of manufacturing space. The plant replaces 3 separate plants within the Greater Toronto Area, and opens 300 new jobs in Hamilton, Ontario.

While the bakery will be producing light and fluffy breads such as white and brown loaves, rolls and tortillas, the industrial bakery operation requires a heavy duty floor that can withstand constant steel-wheel cart traffic. The constant flow of materials and finished product places significant stresses on the floor, but the continuous operation leaves little to no time for repairs.

First Gulf wanted to propose a solution to Canada Bread that provided long-term value for their building. Lafarge presented the project team with ExtensiaTM, a product that would provide them with lasting value as a result of its low shrinkage and high strength, which also providing short term construction benefits that would contain initial deployment costs. United Floors was selected as the Authorized ExtensiaTM Contractor, because of their past experience with product and reputation for excellence. Both the flooring contractor and the general contractor experienced benefit of using ExtensiaTM from the immediate stages: the high tensile strengths resulted in a modified floor design that signifi -cantly reduced the amount of concrete handled on site,and the low shrinkage properties eliminated the need for steel fibres.

The ExtensiaTM placement process required the use of a laser screed, which allowed large segments of up to 30,000 sq ft to be poured in one day. The finishing operations were able to start sooner than a standard slab thanks to the high early strength gain properties of ExtensiaTM. United Floor’s cement finishers obtained a stunning surface finish while providing the client with superior abrasion resistance.