Tercem 3000® blended hydraulic cement



Manufactured with portland cement, granulated blast furnace slag, and silica fume, Tercem 3000 is ideal for high-performance concrete applications. It is well suited for walls, foundations, beams, columns, water retention structures, precast and prestressed products, roads and bridges, and industrial floors. In addition, it can provide outstanding results in roller-compacted concrete.


  • Superior 28 day strength
  • Lower permeability
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Increased resistance to ASR
  • Increased resistance to sulfate attack
  • Improved durability
  • Only one silo required
  • Better finishability
  • LEED Credits
    • Tercem 3000 contains post-industrial materials and can be used for projects where sustainable construction practices are required. Tercem 3000 can help a project achieve LEED credits.

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