Litex brand lightweight aggregate is well suited for concrete masonry, structural and non-structural concrete, soil stabilization, and horticulture and landscaping applications.

Lightweight masonry.

Litex offers premium quality at an economical price. Concrete blocks are up to 35 percent lighter than normal weight concrete blocks of the equivalent thickness. In-place costs are approximately the same as for normal weight concrete masonry as a result of reduced unit laying costs and reduced dead loads. Reduced sound transmission, superior fire resistance and thermal performance are additional benefits.

Structural semi-lightweight concrete.

Litex (containing coarse aggregate and natural sand fine aggregate) provides engineering economies as a result of reduced dead loads for new and re-engineering applications as well as increased fire resistance and thermal performance.

Precast concrete.

Litex offers per unit mass reductions of up to 25 percent. Reduction in mass of precast units offers economies in handling and shipping. Reduced thermal cracking is an additional benefit.

Engineered lightweight fill.

Litex provides reduced loading for soil stabilization, backfill applications and fill applications on existing structures. Lightweight fill can also provide insulation and frost protection when used as a base under concrete or asphalt. Lower per unit weight results in increased yield.

Horticulture and landscaping.

Litex offers a sterile, inorganic medium that provides a reservoir for water. Litex can also be used as a ground cover or in soil-less mixes.

Loose bulk densities range from 55 to 75 pounds per cubic foot. Product sizes range from ½-inch coarse to sand grades of aggregates.

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