Ductal® is a family of ultra-high performance concretes that provide a unique combination of superior properties including strength, ductility, durability and aesthetics.

  • By utilizing its unique combination of properties, designers can create thinner sections and longer spans that are lighter, more graceful and innovative in geometry and form, while providing improved durability and impermeability against corrosion, abrasion and impact.
  • Many economies gained are a result of engineering new solutions for old problems. Advantages may include: reduced global construction costs, formworks, labor and maintenance; relating to improved site construction safety, speed of construction and extended usage life.

Ductal®: Unique performance in the world of mineral construction materials, providing exceptional support for creativity.

  • Ductal® combines an ultra-high performance mineral matrix with metal or organic reinforcing fibers.
  • The Ductal® family of ultra-high performance concretes are specifically designed and developed for structural or architectural applications.
  • Ductal® provides architects and designers with the freedom to create complex textures, surfaces and shapes for a wide range of applications; it offers exceptional strength, ductility and durability while reducing the "Form Factor". Many pieces are significantly thinner and require little or no reinforcement.
  • To ensure optimal use of this material, Lafarge is committed to assisting architects, engineers and design offices with their Ductal® solution.

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