Working with some of the top minds in Canadian research

Posted on October 31, 2013

Here at Lafarge, we view R&D as a priority. But no organization can innovate in a vacuum. That’s why we’ve developed research partnerships with several of Canada’s universities, including University of Toronto, University of Sherbrooke, Laval University in Quebec and the University of New Brunswick.

We’re also partnering with EcoSmart™ Foundation Inc., a non-profit Canadian corporation based in Vancouver, in the development of the SCM Optimization System (SOS). This tool will allow those involved in a concrete construction project—owners designers, suppliers, contractors—to simulate the effects of varying the type and level of supplementary cementitious material (SCM) on the whole project and to interactively settle on a best-case optimum. The SOS will be web-based and will be maintained and continually updated with the results of new research and projects.    

These collaborative relationships allow us to share our experience and in-the-field knowledge with the academic research community, while also benefiting from the findings of their research by applying, testing and taking new innovations to market.

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