Rouge River Valley trails get sustainable revamp

Posted on December 02, 2015

Over the past few months, Franceschini Brothers Aggregates has had the opportunity to partner with Hawkins Contracting in the rehabilitation of existing multi-use pathways, bridges, and boardwalks with construction that runs through the Rouge River Valley in the heart of Markham.

What makes this project unique is that the pathways feature a base comprised of recycled concrete aggregate (RCA), topped with a thick layer of virgin limestone material from the local Brechin limestone quarry.

 Recycled Aggregate is concrete rubble re-processed after its initial usage. For example, concrete rubble harvested from curbs, sidewalks or building foundations is put into a large aggregate crusher and re-processed into a reusable aggregate.  The RCA is then sold by local aggregate suppliers into the GTA market.

This inventive base/top-layer combination of recycled and virgin products is a perfect example of how we can combine old and new together to extend the life of the rapidly dwindling aggregate reserves in the GTA, and also ensure the highest quality performance in all current projects.

From conception to completion, this project will finish in just under a year. The Town of Markham awarded this tender on August 4, 2015. Site work launched in September and is set to be completed by Summer 2016.  These trails will cover a total distance of four kilometers—stretching and connecting existing trails to make them more accessible to the general public. 

Specific sites include a boardwalk in the Milne Dam Conservation Area (south of Hwy #7 and East of McCowan Road); with more trails, bridges, boardwalks from East of Markham Road at James Scott Road moving southeast under Highway 407 down to 14th Avenue and Ninth Line. 

The official opening of these trails and bridges is targeted for public use by July 2016. This will give outdoor enthusiasts a place to walk, run, ride and play on a supportive surface, surrounded by greenery, all located within a convenient urban setting.

For questions on this or other Franceschini Community Projects, contact Andrea McChesney or Anson Le here.

For questions on this or other Hawkins Contracting Community Projects, contact Rob Taylor here.


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