Pumping up environmental responsibility at the Lansdowne Park revitalization project

Posted on May 20, 2014

Lansdowne Park has long been a local landmark in Ottawa, ON – since 1868, in fact. Located in the centre of the city adjacent to the Rideau Canal, it’s home to the TD Place sports arena complex, the Aberdeen Pavilion Hall and other exhibition facilities.

Today, Lansdowne is undergoing a large scale restoration and modernization project. A partnership of the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group means the revitalization project will include the refurbishment of the stadium and Civic Centre, creation of a large urban park and construction of a mixed-use area that includes shops, offices and residences.

The revitalization of the park is a clear signal showing that Ottawa is growing into an even better city.So it’s no wonder Lafarge innovation is making a contribution.

The project team is using Contempra Portland-Limestone Cement. It offers the same qualities of regular Portland cement, but with one big boon – the use of Contempra cement in manufacturing concrete decreases CO2 emissions by 10%.

And with a project as large and ambitious as the Lansdowne Park revitalization, that can mean a great deal. Here are some interesting facts:

  • There is enough concrete in use on the Lansdowne project to build 1,500 average-sized homes, or fill 65 Olympic-sized swimming pools, or build a sidewalk from Ottawa past London, ON. 
  • The city's decision to use LEED® guidelines and Lafarge's use of recycled materials resulted in a reduction of CO2 equivalent to taking 2,500 cars off the road for one year.
  • Lansdowne is the first and largest project of its kind to use the innovative Contempra cement, which by the end of the project reduced the equivalent of another 700 cars off the road.
  • Thanks to an on-site portable pant, on a full out day of production the fuel consumption from mixer trucks was 1/6th the amount, removing the equivalent emissions of over 400 cars per day.
  • Without the portable plant there would be potential during peak hours for a truck traveling on Bank St. every 2 minutes and 40 seconds – with the portable plant, material deliveries were spread out and avoided high congestion situations.

The Lansdowne Park revitalization project is helping make Ottawa more vibrant and more livable. We’re helping it reduce environmental impact. Because innovation helps build better cities.

Learn more about Contempra with this fact sheet.

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