News Release: Canadian Society of Civil Engineering Conference in Halifax

June 18, 2014

Source: Daily Business Buzz: Atlantic Canada's Source for Business News

The Canadian Society of Civil Engineering (CSCE) Conference occured May 28 at the Marriott Harbourfront in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

CSCE President Reginald J. Andres is “thrilled” with the ‘Sustainable Municipalities’ conference theme and ”looks forward to results that demonstrate CSCE’s leadership in Canada in addressing the issue of global sustainability through sustainable communities.”

Andres said, “Civil engineers have the opportunity and responsibility to impact this issue to the same degree they changed the world of public health at the turn of the 20th century. This conference will affirm CSCE’s role in influencing national policies and practices for sustainable infrastructure that will impact every Canadian.”

With a multi-billion-infrastructure deficit facing municipalities across the country, the importance of innovative, cost effective, and sustainable systems to run cities and towns has never been more critical, a CSCE press release said.

Honourary Conference Chair Carl Yates said, “Residents of the Halifax Regional Municipality are fortunate to live in one our country’s oldest and most historic cities.

“But,” the General Manager of Halifax Water added, “with that comes some of our country’s oldest infrastructure. Finding a cost effective, sustainable, innovative way to modernize our nation’s infrastructure is a challenge we must tackle now. We can’t continue to pass a legacy of failing infrastructure on to our children and grandchildren.”

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