Lafarge and Innocon win OCA award for protecting cyclists

Posted on November 10, 2015

Spend any amount of time in the streets of Toronto and you’ll encounter a few of the city’s thousands of cyclists or have to detour around some ongoing construction.

As the city grows vertically by way of building developments, it also grows by density, traffic and potential dangers to its pedestrians and cyclists—not to mention challenges for materials suppliers in delivering constructions materials.

Lafarge and Innocon came up with a unique solution to these potentially dangerous challenges while working on a project in one of Canada’s busiest intersections—Yonge-Dundas Square—and picked up an award for their efforts.

The Ready-Mix Concrete Association of Ontario (RMCAO) is awarding Lafarge Canada and Innocon Inc. the Ontario Concrete Award for New Safety Equipment for their Guardian Under-Run Protection System.

The Guardian Under-Run Protection System is a truck side guard innovation that is designed to prevent cyclists from falling under the wheels of ready-mix concrete trucks.

The Guardian system uses a thick nylon panel that sits between the wheels that will bounce cyclists back up, if they lose their balance when maneuvering past the trucks on narrow streets.

Andy Ludwik, Fleet Manager at Innocon, designed The Guardian for their HNR Dundas Square project—a 42-storey condo development at 21 Dundas Square that also received an OCA award.

Yonge-Dundas Square sees over 850,000 motorists, pedestrians and cyclists daily and has approx. 21,000 residents living in the neighbourhood. It’s an excellent example of the type of urban development and heavy pedestrian traffic that creates a need for The Guardian to reduce the risk of vehicle cyclist collisions.

Most of the Innocon trucks delivering to HNR Dundas Square were equipped with The Guardian through the duration of the project.

The innovation is a part of the Cyclist Safety Strategy launched in 2015 by the two companies to reduce the impact of concrete delivery on communities.

Check out a report by CBC news to see how The Guardian works and learn how it’s helping ready mix concrete truck drivers and cyclists stay safe.

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