Dedicated organization and sales force to better answer your needs.

Our people are always seeking smarter, less intrusive ways to operate our facilities and searching out efficiencies in our supply chain that can provide greater value back to our customer.

Lafarge has invested in construction specialists around the world. Within Eastern Canada we have assigned one to each of our six construction segment focuses—buildings, bridges, brownfield, energy, mining, and pavements. Their role is to liaise with engineering and architecture firms and decision-makers as early in the project’s planning stage as possible, creating value for everyone on the project team.

Lafarge Eastern Canada has also recently redefined its Special Projects and Key Accounts group, shifting its concentration to a more intensive sales approach for large projects often in remote locations under extreme conditions.

This is a team of experienced project managers that will develop relationships with key accounts, where they will assess each project on an individual basis to better understand how Lafarge can leverage our multiple product lines, and technical services. Learn more about the group here.

Why do we do it?

Lafarge Eastern Canada wants to make Canadian cities and the communities within them even better. Our vision is to become the leading provider of solutions to the construction industry, and our mission is to provide solutions that build better cities and communities.

The brand is responding to the immense urban growth of the 21st century, and the challenges that we will face as a result of it. Despite having a huge land mass, Canadian residents are increasingly collecting in urban areas and small towns that were once rural communities on the outskirts of cities have rapidly expanded.

Cities are facing new challenges as they grow so congested. That is why Lafarge Canada is committed to helping design, build and maintain urban development and meet the demand for a more livable, sustainable city by providing more housing, that is more compact, more beautiful, more durable and are better connected.