A city full of history is more than a popular skyline, a well-known neighbourhood or a corporate tower. They make up the basis of our communities and the things that link us together; the schools, the museums, the theatres, the parks. The things integral to our future.

We’re focused on ways to make all of these things perform better. Last longer. Be safer. Use less energy. Offer a lower carbon footprint. Come together faster. And simply make cities more livable and more enjoyable.

We’re focused on building something once, because it was built to last the first time. And these structures will still be performing 50 years down the road, continuing to enrich the community for generations to come. Building for the long term is simply the smart thing to do.

From solutions for the reclamation of contaminated sites to highly energy efficient building systems. Fast-installing roadways to pervious pavements that prevent flooding. Energy infrastructure to mines – above and below ground.

We leverage our global R&D resources and apply the findings in a uniquely Canadian way. Tailored to our climate, our codes and our culture. What works in Madrid may not work in Moncton. And we know that. We work with you to determine the precise, context-specific needs of your project. And then we help design and deliver the most sustainable solution.

With every project, every ton of cement and every relationship formed, we are committed to finding new ways to build better cities.